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Pluvo: Real-Time Rain Monitoring

Using satellite signals from tens of thousands of existing Satellite terminals, we developed our proprietary algorithms, that transform them into rainfall data in real-time.
Pluvo provides rainfall data with a temporal resolution of 5 minutes and a spatial resolution of 1 km2, being already operational in France and soon in South America and other regions. For more information or a demo, please contact us.

One-Stop-Shop for global rain data

By combining our proprietary rain data with other data sources (radars, rain gauges, earth observation satellites, ...), we are building a One-Stop-Shop providing the most comprehensive, real-time and global rainfall data.

Flash flood Monitoring Service

Thanks to our comprehensive and real-time rainfall data, in collaboration with our partners we provide flash flood monitoring services.

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About us

Databourg Systems is a start-up company conceived from innovative technology developed at the University of Luxembourg for environmental monitoring using satellite networks. Databourg’s mission is to provide the best rainfall intelligence to business and institutional users and to be recognized as “The Rain Company”.

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